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It is Time for Change in Oklahoma!  

The Teacher Walk-Out revealed that our state government is not representative of its citizens.  I worked in education and saw the diminishing budgets, the lack of available staff, the limited resources in the classroom.  What the teachers have passionately conveyed to Oklahomans was heard by our citizens, but our legislative government and governor turned a “deaf ear” and took limited action.  

Teachers revealed the lack of a supportive government for education.  What other professions are given limited representation at the state capitol?  Social Workers?  Nurses?  Government Employees?

Like many Oklahomans, I’m fed up with the special interest led government that fails the people. I’m ready to fight for good government and real solutions.  Oklahoma deserves common sense leadership that delivers for the people.  That means balancing the budget, delivering services we depend upon, and representing the people.  

I am asking for your support.


Janice J. Graham 

State Representative District 80    






Janice Graham State Rep D80 2018

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